Ken-Ton Lodge No.1186 had its first ever ROLL CALL NIGHT on Wednesday, September 12th at the Cheektowaga Masonic Center. This rare tradition was presented in a new form, bringing masons of the past, present, and those distant,
all together in our Grand Work.

The Past Masters who read the rolls of passed Masters of Tonawanda and Master Builder shared meaningful comments about many of them, and the altar was draped for them and the recently departed. A rose was placed for passed widows. Music completed this moving experience. Brothers we haven’t been to Lodge since the merger attended, and we presented Bro. Gregory K. Bush his 25-Year award. One brother called it an inspiration to everyone, among them visiting Masters of Cushman, Hiram, and Sutherland.

This ceremony, created by the Worshipful Master, Ken Stuczynski, can be found HERE.

Those honored from the Grand Celestial Lodge were:

George Washington
Robert R. Livingston
Prince Hall
Benjamin Franklin
John Wayne
Dave Thomas
Rob Morris
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
John Herschel Glenn, Jr.
Lawrence Dale Bell
Ely S. Parker

Honored deceased Masters of Tonawanda Lodge No.247 and Master Builder Lodge No.911 (in order of first year served):

Emmanuel Hensler
Jess F. Locke
Franklin Warren
Benjamin F. Betts
William Westover
Clark Ransom
A. R. White
Garwood L. Judd
Charles D. Cramer
G. F. Williams
George R. McEuen
A. B. Williams
Augustus H. Crown
Joshua S. Bliss
Arlington A. Bellinger
William R. Gregory
George W. Millener
Lyman G. Stanley
Reed A. Pierce
Edgar C. McDonald
Thomas E. Warner
Dow Vroman
John G. Wallenmeier
Albert R. Smith
Ray M. Stanley
Augustus F. Premus
George C. Calkins
Myron J. Dixon
John K. Patton
Frank F. Rumbold
Fred D. Tuck
Albert J. Cordes
Robert L. Kimberly
Harry E. Peacey
Albert C. Towne
Charles H. Stegmeier
Frederick T. Hall
Robert F. Coleman
Barclay F. Potts
Lewis E. Burritt
Robert W. Dittmar
Frederick W. Claus
Fred C. Post
Francis G. King
W. Willis Faulkner
Edward A. Jones
Walter Allen
Charles O. Middleton
Thomas W. Dickson
Willard O. Tower
James A. Helfer
Joseph R. Hawn
Fred M. Rich
Angus C. Casey
Willis H. Hall
Franck C. Moore
Harold E. Stumpf
T. B. Rautenberg
Benjamin H. Lang
Kenneth O. Irvin
Albert E. Martin
Blaine W. Washburn
Glenn T. Powers
Leonard J. Leatzaw
Fred D. Crane
Clark B. Bassett
Carlton F. Shepherd
W. Willis Faulkner, Jr.
George M. Sherrie
August E. Klinger
Edward F. Mussen
Donald A. Lindsay
Donald J. Gillian
Charles G. Gorss
Robert A. Martin
Norman A. Lomas
B. Crown Holler
Stanley H. Wiser
Ward H. Hagle
Edward F. Morgan
Thomas A. Brusch
Samuel O. McCarley
Eugene J. Guillaume
George M. Oppermann
W. LaVerne Baldwin
James A. Zimmerman
Sidney R. McCarthy
Phillip D. LeFevre
Raymond H. Stumpf
Alva W. Henderson
Theodore F. Fortman
Paul E. Ten Hoopen
Clarence L. Smith
Henry F. Sproull
William B. McWhirter
Paul B. Readett
Albert L. Munn
Donald G. Malloy
Lewis E. Faux, Jr.
Reginald H. Vollick
Perry B. Sherman, Jr.
Raymond A. Wolf
Kermit J. LaTurner
Arthur C. Springer
Willaim C. Hamann
Clifford S. Westphal
Glenn A. Carroll
George F. Edwards
Vaughan H. Clay
C. Emerson Hay
Waring A. Shaw
LeRoy H. Kibler
Thomas A. Hughes
Ralph L. Pfanner
Truman vom Sheidt
Arnold W. Wildt
Frederic B. Mullen
J. Stuart Morse
Arthur E. Ekins
Robert F. Schultz
George E. Hamblet
Alvin C. Weinreber
Kenneth A. Killian
Charles F. Peacock
Frank J. Keller
Thomas R. Beacham
Elmer H. Brecht
Robert F. Kliment
Floyd W. Sanderson
Howard R. Martin
Franklin A. Wenske
George H. Perkins
Donald A. Ensminger
Reinhold J. Kuntz
Kenneth H. Weber
Arthur R. Clark
Earl W. Maurer
Charles E. Koetzle
J. Richard Koetzle
Charles G. Sours
Walter J. Dyck
Robert F. Morgan
John W. Jones
James L. Carr, Jr.
Harley G. Styer
Charles H. Lyon
Charles R. Collette
Anthony DelBosco
William D. Olsen
Robert J. Barrett
Eugene E. Compton
Edward A. Tomes, Jr.
Donald E. Kline
Lowell E. Irons
Charles W. Kibby, Sr.
Thomas A. Starnes
Gary F. Roth
Dan W. Ostwald
Robert C. Hodge
Glen C. Pabst
Norman E. Whitehead
Richard T. Gilliam
Paul W. Westcott
Robert S. Nader
Alfred E. Knight, Jr.
Robert Mueckl
Frederic F. Garwol